Leading Interview Program


Learn How To Become The Leader of Your Job Interview

The Leading Interview Program is an online video training course specifically designed  as a step by step learning process through a series of coaching sessions covering all the most important success factors in a job interview process.

What is the Leading Interview Program?

The Leading Interview Program is the complete online video training program to prepare in the most effective way for your job interview.

Meet Massimo

Hello my friend!

Let me introduce myself. I’m a Career and Job Interview Coach and founder of the Leading Interview Program, the program that will allow you to become the leader of your next job interview.

After building a successful career holding different positions as Managing Director of a Consulting Firm, a Sales Executive at Amazon and Head of Classifieds Italy at Facebook, I decided to put my experience at the service of professionals like you who want to build a successful career starting from their Job Interview.

I have successfully coached hundreds of professionals like you in their job interview preparation for some of the top Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Oracle, The Boston Consulting Group, just to name a few.

I am so truly passionate about coaching professionals like you to become the best version of themselves so that they can be successful in their job interview and then move on to building a very successful career.

Why the Leading Interview Program?

Because you don’t want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime to work for the company you deserve, and you have been dreaming of, just because you were not prepared for your job interview.

Did you know that 90% of job seekers who fail at their job interview, fail because they didn’t prepare in the most effective way for their interview?

Why is that? Because they didn’t actually know how to prepare. They didn’t have a step by step process to guide them.

They didn’t know how to  present themselves to the interviewer as the best version of themselves and how to answer to the interviewer questions in the most effective way.



Who is the Leading Interview Program for?

  • Professionals who are starting their career and do not have a lot of experience but want to have a great start in their career
  • It’s also for Professionals who are ready to move up the ladder and get out of their comfort zone to build a truly successful career.
  • It’s also for Professionals who have been contacted for a once in a lifetime opportunity in their career and they cannot miss this one opportunity and they have to prepare at they very best for their interview .
  • It’s also for Graduates that want to build right from the start a successful career and do not want to miss the opportunity to work for their dream company.

What do you get when you enroll in the Leading Interview Program?

#1 – You get immediate access to 10 video coaching sessions

#2 – You get all the documents you need for your practice

#3 – You get one hour of PRIVATE COACHING with Massimo

What are the 10 video coaching sessionas about?

Start with the Fundamentals

Session #1 – The Leading Interview Funnel

In this session we will be focusing on the Key Concepts and Drivers that will allow you to become the leader of your next job interview.

In order to guide you through the Key concepts and drivers to become the leader of your job interview I created the Leading Interview Funnel.

The goal of the Leading Interview funnel is to take you through the key steps and concepts that will allow you to become the best version of yourself in front of your interview panel.

Session #2 – How to write a successful tailor-made CV or Resume

This session is dedicated to how to build a successful tailor-made cv or resume.

Just to make it easier I will always use the term CV which is the same for resume.

In this coaching session you will have the chance to create the best cv that you ever had and you will be able to tailor-made your cv for every job application opportunity that you have and this way you will increase your chances to start the interview process with the company you are applying for and for possibly the job of your dreams!

How to work with Content

Session #3 – Raw Content

Remember how important this journey is. In each session you are progressing to the next level in your preparation for your upcoming interview. At the same time you are getting closer to your final goal which I want you to always keep in mind.

Each session will allow to gain fundamental insights on how to perform at your very best and as the leader of your next interview. In the following 3 sessions we will work on one of the most important concepts of the Leading interview program. And this is the CONTENT PRODUCTION LINE.

As we saw in session #1 the Content Production Line is a process divided in 3 fundamental steps: 1. Raw content extraction 2. Content elaboration 3. Content delivery Let’s start! Massimo

Session #4 – Elaborate Content

This session is so important and you will see immediately the results on your video recording practice! Make sure you keep practicing and recording yourself and scoring yourself against the key elements that we are focusing on after each coaching session.

I wanted to recommend you to so something which is key for your learning: after you have recorded your new practice video, take 3 minutes to go back and watch your first video and write down your feedback as the coach and as the interviewer. By doing this you will learn faster and better because you will become so much more aware of where you are now and what you have learned in this journey and thanks to the Leading Interview Program.

Session #5 – Deliver Contentt

In this session we will work on the 5 key elements that will allow you to deliver your content as a leader!

Mastering your job interview preparation

Session #6 – Storytelling

This coaching session is dedicated to Storytelling. Storytelling is one of the key skills that you want to develop and practice whenever you have to present some information and you want to persuade your audience of an idea or your point of view on a subject.

Session #7 – Motivation

This session is one session that I love because is I can tell you that it’s about what got me here in front of you coaching in this right moment and it’s what allowed me to be hired by two of the greatest companies you could work right now Amazon and Facebook and what I’m talking about is MOTIVATION.

The way we are going to work on motivation is in two ways. This because there are two Motivations here which are key to your success. They are very much connected but we have to work on them a little bit separate from each other.

Session #8 – Which questions should I prepare for?

In this coaching session we will work on which questions you should always prepare for.

Session #9 – How to manage different kind of interviews

In this coaching session we will work on how to manage different kind of interviews.

Session #10 – Negotiating your salary

Welcome to our 10th and final coaching session of the Leading interview Program.

In this coaching session we will work on when and how to negotiate your salary.



What clients think about the Leading Interview Program

I had an amazing experience working with Massimo. Thanks to the Leading Interview Program I was able not only to understand how to prepare the key contents and structure of any future business interactions but also the best way to build a proper strategy to succeed and reach my goals. I’d highly recommend Massimo’s guidance to all the professionals willing to progress in their careers.

Marco Palumbo

Associate Account Strategist, Google

I don’t have enough good words for Massimo and his work. He employs a no-frills extremely practical approach to help you succeed, no matter what are your circumstances. I have been working with him in the field of Communication, in order to scale up my skills when presenting myself to Key Stakeholders. Despite I was facing very advanced and in-depth challenges, he was able to guide me through all my requests. I learnt an invaluable amount of skills with him. His strengths are not limited to his methodology, but lies strongly as well in his passion, patience and ability to truly LISTEN. I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone interested in becoming a better version of himself, through a totally measurable and practical approach. Guido Petillo

Manager, Google

I reached out to Massimo to ensure that I was going to have the best interview preparation possible and my expectations were even exceeded. The Leading Interview Program is outstanding and covers every little detail from comprehensive self assessment to structured mock interviews and also video recording reviews. I gained totally new insights of the hiring process, which made me feel perfectly equipped for every upcoming interview. The learnings I gained through the Leading Interview Program have been immensely helpful and beneficial for my whole professional life, so I cannot recommend Massimo’s training and the Leading Interview Program enough! Maximilian Struller

EMEA Media Partnerships, Facebook

I confidently say Massimo is one of the most influential people to have an impact on my career. Being an engineer, I always lacked awareness of how important the way you deliver your story and experience in an interview is. Massimo did an excellent job teaching me the core principles I should take into account while being interviewed, how to build an outstanding profile in my interviewer’s perception and last, but not least, how to influence a “YES” at the end of my performance. To this day I apply the principles Massimo taught me in interviews, networking and social interactions and they work every time. Grig Duta

Big Data Engineer, Zalando

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#1 – You get immediate access to 10 video coaching sessions

#2 – You get all the documents you need for your practice

#3 – You get one hour of PRIVATE COACHING with Massimo




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